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The X6001 Armarkat 60 Inch Dark Sea Green Cat Tree Condo is definitely a premium cat tree as its title suggests. The dark sea green color is quite rare, but would blend into most living room color schemes. The X6001 is quite inexpensive when compared to other cat tree condos in the same class and price range. Easy to assemble, can be placed against any apartment window to make a wonderful cat window perch that your kitty will love.
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The thing special about the X6606 Armarkat 66 Inch Khaki Cat Tree Condo is that it is built with a single condo on the top of a 5 foot sisal rope covered post, with 4 platforms built atop more sisal rope covered posts, all at different levels between the ground and the condo. Your cat will love this, because it can stretch and scratch as it climbs its way to the top, where it will lounge or snooze most contentedly. The X6606 is definitely a premium quality cat tree condo. Premium Cat Tree X7001 - Armarkat Online StorePremium Cat Tree X6105 - Armarkat Online StorePremium Cat Tree X4401 - Armarkat Online Store
The X8303 Armarkat 84 Inch Beige Cat Tree Condo Gym is the ultimate in Premium Cat Trees. With an height of 7 feet it gives the indoors domesticated cat what a tree in the wild would give it. Cats love climbing to heights, and the X8303 givers your cat the ability to do just that. It is a complete play and exercise center coming to you at the most reasonable price when compared to similar trees by other manufacturers.Cat Tree Tower Kitty Trees Condo Scratch Scratching Posts for Cats Furniture Toy


The Armarkat 32" Premium Cat Tree in Beige is a medium-sized cat tree that will satisfy your pet cat’s personal space needs. It flaunts a traditional design in a stylish beige color that will blend excellently with your existing traditional style furniture. Its size makes it ideal for use indoors. Likewise, this cat tree uses a simplistic design with two tiers that can support up to a maximum of two pet cats. It comprises a two-storied condo that make for excellent napping spots for your feline pets. The parts are manufactured using high-quality wood for some added stability. The cover material is a type of faux fleece that is comfortable and soft for your cats to snuggle up against. Its free standing design makes it easy to install, and one side of the cat tree is covered with high-quality sisal rope to take care of your cats scratching needs. It also comes with a dangly cat toy fashioned in the shape of a mouse that your cat will spend hours playing with.


House Dimensions: 32" H x 15" W x 15" D

Perch Dimensions: 15" X 15"

Base Dimensions: 15" X 15"

Overall Product Weight: 31 lbs


Frame Material: Manufactured wood

Cover Material: Faux Fur; Sisal Carpet

Note: Item will be shipped directly from Warehouse or Supplier not sellers address and we only ship to the lower 48 states in the U.S

Thank YouThe X3203 Armarkat 32 Inch Beige Cat Tree Condo is relatively inexpensive when compared to other cat tree condos in the same variety, class and price range. It is the perfect height for placement against windows in most urban apartments and houses. The X3202 Armarkat Premium Cat Tree is quite sturdy and solid in its build and requires no assembly. All indoor cats will love it.My cats really love the Armarkat premium cat tree tower. Very sturdy and easy to put together. I only gave 4 stars because when cat tree arrived, several screws were missing so i could not put it together. I called customer service and they mailed the parts. It took awhile to receive, but overall a good experience.