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Post Title: Stylish Models Of Armarkat Cat Tree For Your Living Room
I would have to say that I'm very happy with this cat tree, with a few minor issues. I ordered the tree on a Sunday, it shipped on Monday, and arrived Tuesday, so I was very impressed with the delivery time. Usually, "free" shipping takes a week or more, but not in this case.

My cats love the tree, and use it all the time. It seems to be good quality, and even though it does wobble a bit (as others have mentioned in their reviews), I think this is to be expected, and don't see it being a problem.

My only quibbles with this tree are:

I'm not sure why the rope attachment is on the upper shelf. Maybe other cats find it amusing, but neither of mine do. It just seems to waste a shelf. I actually took the rope off and assembled it the opposite way, so that it's attached to the bottom of the shelf. Cats like to be up high, so this gives them an open space at the top.

Similarly, the "hut" in the middle shelf seems like a good idea, but only for smaller cats. My cats are fully grown, and they can't fit into it comfortably. My cats aren't even big (or overweight). So I removed the hut too, and now they have another full shelf to use.

My cats don't use the hammock, either, which surprised me. One of my cats loves to lay suspended on the underside of our box-spring liner, so I thought he'd love the hammock. Maybe he'll discover it someday, but so far he hasn't really been interested.

Aside from these minor issues, I love the cat tree, and highly recommend it. I also give top marks to Armarkat for making a quality product, and using fast shipping!
Post Title: Stylish Models Of Armarkat Cat Tree For Your Living Room
This is our second tree from Armarkat. The first is still going strong and we got this one for a new kitty we just brought home. Put it together in just a few minutes and the new cat is already using it. Great Add-on Part to your existing Armarkat Cat Tree.›  ›  › Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B7701Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Tower
This is a very sturdy and well made cat tree! It's not too big or too small. This cat tree doesn't take up a lot of space. My 13 pound Ragamuffin and 10 pound Ragdoll easily fit into the cubby space on the bottom. They are still discovering all the fun provided in this cat tree. Very well made and great value.

ARMARKAT: Please send pics of the Ragamuffin and Ragdoll on their tree to the Armarkat Facebook page! When you do, you can enter our next contest to win a pet bed!!!This is my 4th purchase of Armarkat products . . . 3 cat trees and one of the 3-level pet stairs, and I am very pleased! All of the products are well-made, and the prices are reasonable. The customer service is prompt and courteous, and the merchandise is delivered quickly to one's door. Can't beat that! As long as I have pets, Armarkat will be the company I go to.THIS IS THE 3RD CAT TREE THAT I HAVE PURCHASED FROM ARMARCAT....MY CATS JUST LOVE THEM!!! GREAT PRICES AND GREAT QUALITY!!!!AND GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!This is my second cat tree purchased from Armarkat. The first one was purchased 10 years ago and only now needed to be replaced - only because my cats loved clawing the carpet and the rope on the posts and they have worn out. The structure itself was still sound. The unit is so easy and fast to put together, is sturdy and will last your cat's lifetime. Great product!I have an ArmarKat Cat Tree I've had for almost ten years. Although it has some wear such as the rope on some of the posts it's in great condition. I purchased a different brand tree a few years ago and it's now in the dump due to poor quality. I'll only by Armarkat from now on.Our second Armarkat tree. Good medium-sized cat structure. It's a little wobbly, which made our kitty shy away from it for the first day. But once she saw that it was actually pretty sturdy, she was ok jumping on it, even though it sways a little. The faux fur is very soft and she likes to scratch on the sisal posts. (Just saw the customer service tip...will try tightening the screws today.)Armarkat trees are really well designed and very reasonably priced. Have you checked the prices on similarly sized trees at the pet store lately? Ridiculous! And these are super easy to put together. As you assemble it, you see how well made it is.