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Below, you will find our review of . We chose these particular models because they vary between a very large tree and much smaller, compact model. We hope you will find our Armarkat cat tree reviews useful.
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The first Armarkat cat tree furniture condo in our reviews is the Armarkat cat tree with . This Armarkat cat tree is built out of pressed wood and it is very stable for a cat tree of this size. This model can actually be assembled in two different configurations, configuration B, which is the most stable and configuration B, which would suit a lighter cat or kittens. The base, the perches and the condo and all covered in a very nice beige faux fur and the poles are covered in tough sisal rope, which is perfect for scratching Armarkat 73Armarkat 74Armarkat 57
This is the second Armarkat tree we've purchased, and although we're generally happy with it, it has 2 major design flaws:

1) As another reviewer mention, the base is oddly shaped and tapered at the sides. This makes it highly unstable. We have it against a wall and supported by a big pile of books to make sure it doesn't topple (and it has toppled).

2) The step at the bottom of the tree is not supported. Within a few days of us setting the tree us, the steps cracked. We now support this with books and boxes so our cats can continue to use the tree.

Armarkat makes a great cat tree (best we've come across), but this tree was not designed well. Buy an Armarkat tree, but maybe just not this one. We have had an Armarkat cat tree in the past, and knew we wanted to go with the same brand. Our previous one was high quality and loved by our cat, but we had chosen to sell it before a cross country move. While I have been happy overall with the purchase, there are of course positives and negatives about the product. Here is my review of the Armarkat cat tree, along with some information about other models.When we added a second cat to the household, I knew it was time to buy a cat tree. After reading reviews, we chose the Armarkat cat tree model B5701. While our one cat was happy with the cardboard boxes that were scattered throughout our home for scratching and perching on, we knew having something tall and just for the cats would help ease the tensions between the two.The 50-60 inch Armarkat cat tree comes in a variety of different configurations. The one we checked out was a four level cat tree with a single cat condo on the 2nd elevated perch. This Armarkat cat tree furniture condo is very stable indeed because it has a broad base and it only stands at between 50 and 60 inches tall. Being shorter than the other Armarkat cat trees that we have reviewed here also means that it would fit nicely into a small room.This Armarkat Cat Tree is the tallest cat tree in our reviews and, depending on the configuration you choose, it can be as high 77 inches, which to save you doing the math, is well over 6 feet tall! At that height, plus all the platforms that there are for the cats to lie on and play on would make this a great cat tree if you have more than one playful cat in your home.One reviewer who purchased the Armarkat Cat Tree is very pleased to report that, after seven years of continued use, it is still as sturdy and neat looking as ever. Furthermore, this user is the proud owner of two cats, and the cat tree has withstood frequent use by both of them.