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Feb 18, 2016 - or “Can my cat eat cranberries
These tart berries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Cranberry may be helpful for cats that are experiencing urinary problems as it can help adjust the pH of your cats urine to make it more acidic, but this isn’t good in all cases and should be discussed with your vet before making diet changes. Dried cranberries can be shared with healthy cats, but note that they are high in sugar so should be shared sparingly.
Feb 27, 2012 - My cat was diagnosed with a UTI. Do any foods help with this? I know cranberries are good for people – is it the same for cats?
I tried the AVC treatment the first time my female cat got a UTI. It worked for about a month then stopped working. After she had 2 more UTI's and 2 more useless, expensive shots of antibiotics, I tried something different.. Colloidal silver. I give her 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day in canned food. It's going on 3 months now and she hasn't had another UTI. I also just started to give her 125 mgs of glucosamine twice a day. It acts like cranberry juice as it coats the urinary tract and prevents bacteria from sticking. Cats up to 10 lbs take 125 mgs a day. Cats over 10 lbs take 125 mg twice a day, preferably mixed in canned food. Some good vets are recommending this now. more about the health benefits of cranberries for dogs and cats belowCranberry For Animals | Animal Wellness MagazineCat Food: What to Feed & What to Avoid - Happy Cats Haven
2) Look for a food that contains little or NO cereals, vegetables or fruits of any kind. Some of the most expensive of the “wet” cat foods available today contain hideous amounts of completely unnecessary plant-derived ingredients like corn, corn flour, corn grits, corn gluten, rice, rice flour, wheat, wheat gluten, soy protein, potato, sweet potato, carrots, apples, cranberries, blueberries and similar. These ingredients might be part of a well-balanced human diet, but they have no place in the diet of even a healthy cat, much less a cat already debilitated by the ill effects of a high-carbohydrate diet. Pet food companies put these ingredients in their canned foods because they are cheap and plentiful, and because they appeal to the pet food buyer’s mistaken ideas about what is “good food” for cats. These ingredients have no scientifically-demonstrated value for the cat; in fact these ingredients contribute unacceptable amount of carbohydrate, sugar, and fiber (gastrointestinal residue) that the cat is not equipped to handle. The use of these ingredients is solely the result of corporate profitability and marketing considerations!Cranberry extract is beneficial for many animals, especially dogs, who tend to have actual infections of the bladder. Cranberry is thought to prevent the attachment of the E. coli bacteria to the bladder wall. Because bacteria are not present in most cases of LUTS, it may be less beneficial for cats. However, cats being cats, cranberry may still be helpful, even without any evidence of bacteria. Cranberry capsules are available at the health food store (typically in 250 mg strength which is a good once-a-day dose for cats), and are very safe to give long-term.Cranberries are good for urinary health, as they cleanse the bladder and urinary tract. They are also an aid in controlling crystals. Blueberries are the best anti-oxidant you can find in vegetation. My cats have always like the blueberries that fall off my bushes. Sweet potato is a good source of non-reactive, non-grain, reasonably low-carb fiber, ditto for squashes. Carrots are a natural source of beta-carotine and good for eye health.Garlic is extremely toxic to cats, it causes damage to red cells so they can
not carry oxygen - called Heinz Body Anemia.
It's cumulative too. Onions, garlic, and cranberries have allicin, not good at all for cats. It's in the product because the manufacturer doesn't read the cat nutrition research and they are out to make money by making you think if it's good for people it's good for cats.

Brewers yeast is fine for cats. The best type is to get a jar of powdered brewers yeast to avoid the additives in most tablets or capsules. Just add a little to your cats food, does give them vitamins and helps somewhat with flea repellent.