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The Aqua Cat 12.5 is the latest modification of the original Aqua Cat design produced since 1961
The original Aqua cat 12 was modified to an improved Aqua cat 12.5 and is also available as an which features upturned hulls and is available in an easier sailing resort model. The 14' model uses small keels to replace the dagger boards found on the smaller Aqua cats.
Aquacat 12.5, 2006
While the Hobie brand has come to define beach cat culture, and the niche has been broadened by other builders offering innovative and exciting craft, it’s also refreshing to know that American Sail is still building the Aqua Cat 12.5, the original mass-production sail-off-the-beach cat that made its debut half a century ago. Its family-friendly A-frame rig can be set up in minutes and the boat can be car-topped and trailered. What was true in 1961 is just as true today: it’s the thrill of the ride, ease of use and the price that make beach multihulls in general a blast to own and sail. Jun 19, 2014 - 2011 Aqua-Cat 12.5 ft Catamarans For Sale2011 American Sail Inc AQUA CAT 12.5 Prices and Specs ..Aqua Cat 12.5 and 14 - any good
The boomless sail rig supported by the tubular "a" frame provides safety and simplicity not found in traditional wire shroud designs. One sheetline and a simple dual tiller arrangement result in sailing simplicity. The 28 sq. ft. trampoline deck offers stretch out room for four. Weighing in at just 195 lbs. the Aqua Cat 12.5 can easily be car topped or trailered. The telescoping mast and simple "a" frame rig allow for quick stepping of the mast by a 90lb. person. From the car to the beach it’s ready to sail in a matter of minutes. If car topping is not your style, a custom galvanized trailer is available.The "original" beachcat, the Pacific cat, appeared in 1960 in California. The Pacific cat was designed by Carter Pyle and was first built in 1960. It was slightly smaller than 19 ft × 8 ft, and was a solid fiberglass catamaran with a solid core deck and traditional catamaran sail plan. The design's chief limitation was its weight of over 500 lb with approximately 300 square feet (28 m2) of sail area. The design was a traditional design with dagger boards and a hard deck. By comparison, the AQUA CAT 12 weighed 160 pounds and could easily be carried by two people, and the mast raised by one person.