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The Most Common Anti-Anxiety Drugs for Cats - Tufts Catnip Article
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Cats too suffer from bouts of anxiety and show signs of stress. This article will cover some anti-anxiety medication for felines.
This drug is prescribed to cats as an anti-anxiety medication. However, if you are taking alprazolam, don’t give yours to your cat. Overdoses can cause a huge drop in blood pressure and collapse or fainting. Anti-Anxiety Medications for Cats - Tufts Catnip ArticleCommon Anti-Anxiety Drugs Used in Cats - Tufts Catnip ArticleCommon Anti-Anxiety Drugs Used in Cats
Well, yes and no to that simple question. In addition to treating any underlying medical conditions such as or directly, additional therapy with anti-anxiety medications can also be helpful. Currently none of these drugs are approved for use in cats, and consequently are used off label. These are prescription drugs and all have significant potential side effects. Use of most of these medications require blood tests at regular intervals to evaluate for these side effects. Sedation is often seen as a side effect especially when the medication is first started. The goal of treatment is to reduce the anxiety, and fear that the cat is experiencing in order to stop urine marking and eliminating outside of the litter box. Sometimes not only the cat who is missing the litter box but also another cat in the household (usually the dominant cat) will require medication to reduce negative interactions that trigger the marking. These medications must be used under your veterinarian's supervision- DO NOT give any of your own anti-anxiety medications to your cat!Just as many other anti-anxiety meds for cats, Triflupromazine-based medications provide an analgesic effect. That is why these drugs can be used to reduce the anxiety, caused by clinical or surgical procedures.Triflupromazine is one of the most effective anti-anxiety meds for cats. In the USA, this medication is sold under the brand Vetame. Triflupromazine-containing tablets and Vetame injections quickly relieve the anxiety and uncontrolled hyperactivity of cats.To prepare your cat for a travel, you may use various tranquilizers, including medications containing Acepromazine. In the USA, such anti-anxiety meds for cats are available under the brand PromAce, in Australia – under the brand Anamav, ACP 2, ACP 10 and ACP 25.As alternative to Triflupromazine, other anti-anxiety meds for cats can be used, containing sedative-analgesic agents like Dexmedetomidine or Xylazine.It should be noted that the best anti-anxiety meds for cats can cause side effects and they can be contraindicated for many cats. When a cat cannot be prescribed potent sedative medications or tranquilizers, it is prescribed with some natural anti-anxiety meds for cats that are sold without prescription.