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Ikea hack that's an affordable alternative to designer cat litter box furniture
While cat lovers generally make peace with the nasty job of cleaning up their feline’s mess, when we dump it in the trash it becomes the earth’s problem which has large negative environmental impacts. Read on learn why cat litter is a problem and how you can start implementing eco alternatives like toilet training your cat and making homemade cat litter.
Anyone knows a good alternative to cat litter? My cat seems to have an allergy to everything we've tried. I'll really appreciate your ideas, thanks.
I wanted to give a big thank you to Wendy, a Green Little Cat reader, who sent me this great tip for cheap cheap natural clumping cat litter. Perhaps the more appropriate phrase here would be “cheep cheep” natural litter. If you’re looking for a low cost alternative to the World’s Best Cat Litter, then you might be surprised to learn that chickens have the answer to your search. Cat litter contains a lot of toxic chemicals including silica dust. Here are some alternatives for a more green and eco-friendly cat litter:At Arcata Pet, customers want to know what alternatives there are to traditional clay litters, Barney reports.Cat owners have long sought alternatives to the traditional kitty litter. It’s a daily job many wish they didn’t have to do as often.
Cats may not use an empty box for urinating or passing feces. For that reason, you need to utilize emergency cat litter alternatives. There are few alternatives which we’re going to discuss ahead in this article. Continue reading to know what these options are:Cat litter is an absolute must if you have indoor cats. What many people don’t know is that most cat litter brands contain clay that is strip-mined which is harmful to the environment. While there are brands that are organic and a bit more environmentally friendly, these can be a tad expensive. If you want a safer alternative to kitty litter and you want it a bit cheaper than major organic brands, we have just the kitty litter recipe for you.While there are no scientific, side-by-side comparisons of specific cat litters, there are plenty of experts who like to weigh in on the topic and they offer a lot of helpful information. We looked at what these cat professionals, experts and lovers had to say, and analyzed user reviews from all over the web. We used this information to identify the best cat litters by type -- clumping clay, biodegradable and crystal -- as well as clumping biodegradable options and alternatives for cats with special needs. Editors break down cat litters by their effectiveness, environment factors and value; top picks earn Best Reviewed status. If you are a cat owner, you have probably tried all manner of litter options in order to determine the best combination of value, usage and environmental impact. A few years ago Allie at The Greenists explored this eco alternative, and it's practically free!If you use a LitterMaid automated cat box, which is designed for use with clumping litters, I have been told that it works well with the alternative clumping litter, (but not with SWheatScoop, which I have heard sticks too much).Hi, I found what seems to be grain beetles or weevils in my cat litter. Luckily they are not in my food yet. I have two questions:
1. I'm dumping the litter, cleaning the boxes, replacing the litter, and trying to vacuum to get all the bugs and eggs. However, the boxes were on carpet and I'm wondering if I'll be able to get them all. Would something like diatomaceous earth help like it does with fleas?
2. I understand that both corn and wheat-based litters are susceptible to this problem. I'm wondering if this litter might be an alternative that isn't clay-based that wouldn't feed the bugs?