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An 8-foot alligator found in a Van Nuys backyard this week may have been killing and eating neighborhood pets for decades, a Los Angeles Department of Animal Services officer told the Daily News, but one of the reptile’s caretakers said the ‘gator would never harm a cat.
Menacing: The cat and the alligator face off over a pile of tasty chicken at a wildlife park in New Orleans
Some of the people unfortunately are laughing (Which we don’t approve of), but I don’t think anyone was ready to step in front of the alligator and the cat seemed to know exactly what he was doing… On Monday, animal control officers served a search warrant at the home and located the female alligator, named Jaxson, in a covered box in the yard.This hungry alligator and his buddies were betting on making this cat a meal, but the fearless cat had other ideas!Odd couple ~ alligator and cat
COCOA, Fla. - Brevard County Animal Services on Monday said a disturbing picture posted to Facebook prompted many calls to its shelter, but the alleged incident could not be verified by authorities.

The photo, posted by Travis Fink, of Palm Bay, according to his "About" page, appears to show a cat hanging from a rope attached a pole. The pole is braced on top of a set of step stairs. In the background, the snout of an alligator in the lake is visible. Fink claimed in his September 5 posting that the photo was snapped at the Cocoa Expo Sports Center on Friday Road.

"So if you live on Friday rd an are missing a pet the people at the expo center have been feeding your pets to gators by hanging them from a pole...." wrote Fink.

People who commented on the post were horrified.

Local 6 visited the sports complex Monday afternoon and took a photo of the lake, which shows no evidence of the cat, pole or stairs.

Neighbors who live along Friday Road said they didn't know of any missing cats.

The complex is under construction and the job site manager told Local 6 the picture was "Photoshopped" by a "disgruntled employee with a long criminal history."

Local 6 attempted to contact Fink but received no response.

The job site manager said Brevard County sheriff's deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers inspected the lake and found nothing, but an investigation is ongoing.This has got to be the most fearless cat alive! The cat seems to have no concern in fending off the alligator from chicken scraps, and faces it down, whacking it away from the food.Finally tired of the constant attacks from the cats claws, the alligator makes the smart move and retreats into the water to escape this bold feline.Seeing a house cat to an alligator is pretty impressive, but the humans nearby are surprisingly nonchalant about letting a kid stand a few feet from the action. Our cats' fear of the vacuum cleaner doesn't inspire confidence. bested in this cat vs. alligator showdown. And we can rest assured that so long as Mugsy patrols this shoreline, no reptile will so much as put a toe out of line. The footage was shot in the dark, at 3:24 a.m., which means the cat was probably relying more on its hearing and smell than its sight to sense the threat lurking ahead, Johnson explained. Another camera-trap video shot an hour later recorded a Key deer carefully avoiding a languid alligator. "It just walks up and does the same dance," she said. "It probably heard what happened to the cat."