Albino Cory Cat m/L £3.35 - passive fish

Female albino corydoras aeneus catfish. Great scavengers in your average community tank.
It is recommended that ample vegetation, driftwood or root structures be present in the aquarium so that the Albino Cory Cat can retreat from the bright aquarium lights when it feels the need. The Albino Cory Cat will search the aquarium substrate for most of its food, but may require supplemental feeding via sinking wafers or pellets if not enough excess food is present in the aquarium substrate. This species can be kept singularly or in groups of any size, and in the case where they are kept in large enough groups it is not uncommon for specimens to pair off and even mate within a suitably aquascaped aquarium.
that’s not a betta, that’s an albino cory catfish
My son and I are new to the aquarium world. We have a 10 gallon tank and it is about 3 months old. We started introducing fish slowly and have always had great water. I don't know what the levels are but we have it tested at the local fish store every time we go in. We have two glass catfish, 3 red cherry shrimp, 2 snails, and 1 albino Cory. When we first got the tank we just went to Petco and thought that would be adequate. We have learned along the way that we wanted a more knowledgeable store to go to so now we go to the local fish store. We learned that the Cory's really like buddies and so the other day we got another albino Cory. Our other Cory is very active.( my son and I think that the Little guy might have ADHD which my son also has.) We enjoy the Cory so much and it is my son's favorite. We brought the new Cory home last night and right away they were playing together back and forth. Well I noticed that the new Cory has a whiter/pink tint to him our first Cory has more of an orange/pink tint to him. I also noticed this morning that the new Cory is resting alot. Our other Cory is driven by a motor all day long and then slows down at night. I am worried about the new Cory he will have bursts of energy but then just sit at the bottom resting. Is this normal? Help. Longfin albino corydoras catfishGroup of ongfin albino cory catfishLongfin albino corydoras catfish
Please keep all comments constructive to Albino cory catfish husbandry methods and care. Any degrading, sarcastic, or disrespectful comments will be removed. This is not the only way, but this is the way I do it. In this video I am showing how to breed and raise Cory Catfish from eggs to young adults. The Corydoras that I mainly used for this video are Albino. I currently have 3 types of Cory Catfish: Three- Lined (Corydoras Trilineatus), Peppered (Corydoras Paleatus) , and Albino (Corydoras Aeneus). I keep my temperature around 78 degrees and pH around 7.0- 7.2.

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This is my suggestions on feeding since it's blurry!

Feeding Suggestions and Tips

Day 1-2: DO NOT FEED

Day 3-7: Feed powered fry food ( I recommend Hikari First Bites) or liquid fry food ( Boiled egg yolk, however can get messy)

Week 2: Feed Hikari First Bites + Baby Brine Shrimp or Decapped Brine Shrimp

Week 3: Feed Hikari First Bites + Baby Brine Shrimp + Daphnia.
MIX IT UP! (4 Days of First Bites and 3 days of other two foods).

Week 4: Hikari First Bites + Shrimp Pellets, Baby Brine Shrimp, Blood-worms, Daphnia, and Micro-worms are a few options. MIX IT UP!

Remember Frozen Live Food is fine.

Continue Week 4's suggestion until fry are large enough to go into adult tank.My new Albino Aeneus Cory Cats. Total of 11 tropical fish in the tank. Cory Cats are very fragile and they need a good oxygenation source. If they don't have it they will suffer of Swim-Blader disease (swimming up an down in the tank).The albino cory cat is an amazing addition to any south american aquarium. The cory cats like to school in a group of six or more. These cat fish come from the amazon river and tributaries. water temperature should be in the mid to high 70's. The most important feature of a cory cat are its barbs or whiskers. They use their barbs to shift through the substrate to find uneaten food. Because their barbs are fragile it is well advised to use sand that won't change the ph for the bottom that way these fish do no scratch their bellies or damage their whiskers. To breed the cory cat you want to do a water change about 20-25% with slightly colder water just by a few degrees. This mimics the rains in south america and it triggers the cory cats to spawn. every now and then you will see the little cory cats come up to the surface to gulp air.