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Information about the different species that are called albino catfish and how to care fore them including information about the albino corycat.
The ever so popular Albino Bristlenose Pleco Catfish is pretty easy to care for. You can take care of these like any other Pleco catfish.
We recently have completely emptied and redid our ponds. Over the last month we added more Koi to each ponds. Everything seems to be going well until we added some snails, tad poles and an Albino Cat Fish (1 in large pond only). We had purchased it on a Tuesday and by Friday noon he was find by evening we found him and 2 tad poles dead. We took back to pond place and replace them yesterday afternoon. He was very active and looking good this morning the catfish and a tad pole is dead. Everyone else is thriving well. My husband suspects it is because I used the Pondcare Microbial Algae Clean (which is to be safe for fish and plants.) I am not so sure. Any advise. Fish Zone: albino cory catfish careAlbino Bristlenose Pleco Catfish Care Guide - YouTubeThe ever so popular Albino Bristlenose Pleco Catfish is pretty easy to care for
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- Information about Tiger Shovelnose Catfish The Albino Corydoras Catfish (Bronze corydoras) is native to the Amazon River in South America. It belongs to the Callichthyidae family of fish. The fish grows up to 2 inches long. It varies from pink to white and have some barbells around the mouth. The Cory catfish is a peaceful, bottom dwelling scavenger. These are one of the preferred starting fish. They require very little specific care.Appearance and Care:
Walking catfish are strange looking fish that measure 12-18 inches from nose to tail when full grown. They have large whiskers that measure 4-6 inches long. Female catfish are usually larger than male catfish are. Walking catfish can come in either white with black markings, black with a white underbelly, or albino. Unlike most fish, the Walking catfish’s body is not covered in scales, but mucus.How to Care for Albino Catfish. ... The Cory is omnivorous so a good mix of quality flake and pellet food is good, also frozen brine shrimp and live worms are good.