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Advocate flea and heartworm without prescription treatment for dogs those cats
Advocate Flea Control is sold in packs of 3, 6 or 12 applications.Advocate is a topical once a month flea treatment for dog and cats. Applied to the skin of your pet every 30 days, Advocate provides control of multiple parasites (both external and internal).Advocate flea control is recommended as a year round method of combined flea control and for both dogs and cats from seven weeks of age.Use the links above to buy the cheapest Advocate flea control available. Using a Canadian supplier means that Advocate is available without a prescription.Advocate uses two active ingredients; Imidacloprid and Moxidectin.Imidacloprid is the same active ingredient found in Advantage flea drops. It is transferred by your pets own sebaceous glands to cover the entire surface within flea killing power. It targets the nervous system of fleas, stopping them from biting within 5 minutes of application. Flea larvae are killed within 20 minutes and within 12 hours all fleas already on your pet will be destroyed. Imidacloprid continues to repel and destroy any new fleas and flea larvae which come into contact with your pet during the 30 days after use.Because it stops larval fleas too, before they have a chance to mature and breed, using Advocate for a few months should see the entire flea population in your home and yard controlled.The secondary active ingredient, Moxidectin tackles internal parasites. Once applied, moxidectin is absorbed into the bloodstream where it destroys all larval stage heartworms which have been picked up during the previous 30 days. It is also absorbed into the gut where it is able to deal with other intestinal parasites.Advocate is a topical flea treatment. It should be applied directly to the animal’s skin between the shoulder blades for dogs, or the base of the neck, for cats. Your pet should be monitored for 30 minutes or so afterwards to ensure they do not rub or lick off the flea drops.Once dry Advocate flea drops are completely waterproof because the active ingredients are contained in an oil based carrier. It is safe for pets to be bathed or to swim after using Advocate, but be sure not to use too harsh a detergent. A mild soap is the best shampoo for your pet’s skin anyway and will ensure the flea drops are not diluted at all.Before starting use with Advocate or any form of heartworm prevention it is advisable to speak to your vet as it is usually safest to have a heartworm test carried out. If you are switching from another form of heartworm medicine, ensure you use Advocate flea control 30 days after the last old medication to ensure guaranteed protection against heartworms.
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