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Check out our picks of adoptable black cats from the Denver Dumb Friends League!
The ASPCA estimates that the first year of owning a cat will cost an average of $1,035. A dog can cost from $1,314 to $1,843, depending on size. That total includes the fees to spay or neuter and initial medical costs, which many shelters and animal rescue organizations cover prior to adoption. Denver also requires residents to buy a dog license for $15 per year or $150 lifetime.
Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue has cats and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Denver, Colorado.
All animals come spayed/neutered, are current on vaccinations excluding rabies, and have been micro-chipped prior to adoption. The application process can take several days, depending on how long it takes us to get in contact with your references, your landlord, and your veterinarian. Once your application has been approved we will call you and let you know and set up an approximate pick up time and date. If your application is denied you will not receive a call. Kneady Kitten Rescue has cats and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Denver, Colorado.RezDawg Rescue has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Denver, Colorado.Poor Paws/LCAS has cats and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Denver, North Carolina.
Denver Animal Protection (DAP) provides animal care and protection services for all of Denver County. We foster the human-animal bond by protecting the safety and welfare of Denver's animals and citizens. DAP is committed to providing humane care to companion animals; reuniting lost pets with their owners; adopting pets to loving homes; enforcing Denver County animal ordinances; and proactively educating the public about animals, their needs, and DAP's critical role as a community resource.We require an application, references, and a home visit, as well as an adoption contract. We do check the references you provide, so please make sure the information you give us is accurate, or we may choose to deny your application based on the fact that we were provided with misleading information.Double your pleasure by adopting this purr-fect pair. Aptly named Glory and Sable because of their ebony beauty, they’re as sweet as sugar (without the calories) and twice as lovable. Despite being slightly shy at first blush, they adore affection, thrive on tummy rubs and TV with their foster family, and enjoy playing with catnip or a feather on a string. Now it’s their hope to find a calm and caring fur-ever home (without small children or other pets) with the patience to coax out their true kitty confidence in exchange for a double dose of their sweet kitty love. You might see a cat or kitten for sale at a Denver pet store and assume that buying a cat is the only option. Or you might, as many people do, believe that a cat for sale from a store or a breeder in Denver is somehow “better” than one you might find for adoption in a Denver animal shelter. This is a common misconception, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. The cats and kittens available for adoption at your local shelters and rescue groups are wonderful, sweet, healthy companions who are homeless through no fault of their own. Many times, animals end up in shelters simply because their former owner encountered a financial hardship and could no longer afford to care for them, or perhaps even lost their own home. Whatever the reason, most cats and kittens in shelters are great former pets who have lived in homes, and are often already litterbox trained. Have you ever seen an adorable cat or kitten up for adoption and featured on your local news channel? Those great cats and kittens aren’t rare finds! They are the norm, and just about everywhere – including right here in Denver, CO there are too many pets and not enough homes choosing to adopt them. Unfortunately, many animals are still not spayed or neutered resulting in thousands of unwanted cats and kittens each year.Established in 1982, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (formerly Animal Rescue and Adoption Society) is a non-profit, limited intake, cage-free cat shelter located in Denver, Colorado. The dedicated staff and volunteers care for approximately 125 homeless, abandoned, abused, and neglected cats and kittens. RMFR receives no government funding and is dependent upon donations from the community and the proceeds from fundraising events. In our shelter, felines of all ages - most of which need homes - enjoy cozy nooks and soft beds, lots of toys, warm sunlight, good meals and special attention. In total, we have 6 rooms of adoptable felines, a large cat-safe outdoor yard for adult cats who wish to spend time outdoors, a small outdoor pen for the cats in the Shy Room, and a stimulating, fun indoor environment with a protected outdoor pen for our cats that have tested positive for FIV and FeLV.