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Adopters must provide a leash and collar for dogs and/or suitable crate for cats.
If you have a cat(s) or dog(s) living in your home already, a maximum of one pet can be unaltered. The other pets must be neutered or spayed. All cats and dogs in your home must be current on rabies vaccination. If you rent your home we strongly suggest approval from your landlord and any pet deposits paid before taking your new pet home. Small children (under the age of 10) living within your household must be present to interact with the dog or cat. If adopting a dog and you have a dog at home, that dog is welcome to come in for an interaction. You will need to bring a leash and collar or a suitable crate or carrier when you pick up your new pet. Leashes and collars are available for purchase at the shelter.
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If you are looking to adopt a puppy, kitten, dog, or cat, you have come to the right place! Whether you are looking for adoptable animals at Animal League America in our Port Washington, NY shelter or in your own area, you will be sure to find your new best friend here! The Atlanta Humane Society has dozens of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens available for adoption.Our goal this year is to adopt out 9,000 dogs and cats to forever, loving homes.Please review our  to verify hours for the week. Our adoption fees are $40 for cats and $175 for dogs.
Whether for financial or ethical reasons, lots of people prefer the idea of adopting a cat or dog rather than buying one. But adopted doesn't necessarily mean "free"—there are almost always some costs associated with acquiring a new pet beyond food, toys, bedding, and the like. Here are the expenses you should prepare for and factor as potential costs into your pet budget.Before this, enormous numbers of animals who went into shelters never came out. More than 40 years ago, an average of 20 million dogs and cats were euthanized annually. Humane organizations started a campaign to spay and neuter pets, especially those coming through shelters, and today —still terrible, but a vast improvement. In addition to pet sterilization, an effort also began to find accommodations for homeless animals outside the municipal and private shelter systems, which have limited room and often short deadlines for keeping animals before moving them to death row. The new organizations take potentially adoptable pets out of the shelters and foster them, usually in private homes, until the right owner comes along. They control the fate of an increasing number of animals. In New York City, for example, almost 45 percent of the dogs and cats that come into are passed to one of more than 150 private rescue groups.To adopt a dog or cat, an application form must be filled out. A legal contract must be signed by the adopter stating the conditions of the adoption. If the dog or cat can no longer be kept by the adopter, it must be returned to us. Our dogs and cats are family pets and we expect to see them treated as family members. We do not adopt them out to be outside pets. The whole family must agree to the adoption. We do not ship animals.Many adoption agreements also have a provision mandating that if things don’t work out with the pet, you must return it to the group rather than find it another home. Let’s call this the . The comedian adopted a Brussels Griffon named Iggy that just couldn’t get along with her cats. DeGeneres gave it to her hairdresser, who has two daughters, then aged 11 and 12, and Iggy basked in the love fest. Then someone from the group called to check in with DeGeneres on how Iggy was doing. She told them about the new arrangement. Not only was DeGeneres in breach of contract, the group didn’t want Iggy living with any children under age 14. They confiscated the dog.