The ONLY prescription cat food I ever use is the Hills A/D

Hill's Prescription Diet a/d Urgent Care with Chicken Canned Dog & Cat Food ..
Hill's Prescription Diet a/d Urgent Care with Chicken Canned Dog & Cat Food, 5.5-oz, case of 24; Cats and dogs can undergo significant metabolic changes when recovering from a serious illness, injury or surgery. During these stressful conditions the body is challenged to maintain strong natural defenses and spare lean body mass, which makes it is even mo
Hill's Prescription Diet Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Canned Cat Food, 5.5-oz, case of 24; Just like the human epidem
I work at a vet and hate the diets!! I posted this link on Facebook and a vet at my work said that people should listen to their vet and not a receptionist (which is what I am) and that you are not a nutritionist but of coarse since this is the Internet it must be true!! Ahhh! Drove me nuts!! My main question is my friend who knows how bad prescription diets are is feeding one to her cat who got blocked with stones. He is on hills CD. She knows how bad it is but is so worried his stones will come back of she uses something else,.,and of coarse I would feel horrible if I tell her try a certain food instead and them they do come back!! What would you recommend,, do you have a reference she might be able to access for recommended foods or what she should do?? Thanks so much!! Hill's Prescription Diet a/d Canned Dog/Cat Food.Hill's Prescription Diet Dog & Cat Food A/D Can - Southern AgricultureHill's Prescription Diet - a/d Canned Dog/Cat Food | PetPlus
For the nutritional management of pets recovering from serious illness, accidents and surgery. Both dogs and cats can undergo significant changes when faced with a serious illness, injury or surgery. They may have trouble maintaining natural defenses and sparing lean body mass (in other words, they may be losing body weight from muscle or organ tissue), which can affect recovery. Hills Prescription Diet a/d Canine/Feline pet food has been specifically formulated by veterinarians to be fed to dogs or cats in these situations. These conditions can be helped by adding the key nutrients and digestible energy found in Prescription Diet a/d. The nutritional formulation of Hills Prescription Diet a/d may also be useful for pets with a variety of conditions.Neither myself nor my cat are happy about Hill's Prescription Diet C/D for cats with urinary problems. Here is what I have found: Winston gets the dry c/d, canned pate, and occasionally the "stew." First off, they are lying: the stew has "chicken" listed on the front of the can, yet when I read the ingredients, the first one is pork! What? Winston does not like this food; in fact, I end up throwing most of it out. When he does manage to choke this ** down, he pukes it up all over the rug. Oh, I'm sure they will say it is some problem with the cat. No, wrong! The price of a 5.5 oz. can of the pate is almost $2.00. This is outrageous! It is all made from guts and other animal parts that no human being would want to eat. I am going to start making my own cat food. I have done a lot of research. Anything would be better, cheaper, and healthier for animals than this stuff.I am writing this review to let every pet owner know never to use any Hills product pet foods! It all started when I took my two-year-old Shichon Jasper to his yearly veterinarian examination. He received all of his vaccines and the vet told me he was a few pounds overweight and recommended that I put him on the Hills prescription metabolic diet. I purchased two cans of the wet food to start mixing it in with the grain free dry food I had been giving him for a year and a half. Approximately five days later he became deathly ill. He was profusely vomiting until there was blood in it and had diarrhea so bad. His stool was very mucousy and bloody. I took him to the vet immediately to have his stool tested to make sure he didn't have any parasite. Everything came back negative! They started him on a daily medication called ** for the diarrhea and gave him an anti-nausea injection. Sorry this is long, but the story has unfolded over the last 7+ months: My cats with inflammatory bowel disease had been doing very well on Hills prescription z/d canned food for over a year, when without any warning, Hills changed the formula of the food. Suddenly, the cans just said "improved formula" on them... With no forewarning that anything was about to change. I realized something was amiss when I opened the first can of a new case of this "improved formula" and a) it smelled horrible and b) the texture was weird, gloppy. I checked the date on the can to make sure it was not spoiled, and then realized it was an "improved formula". Fortunately, I still had several cans of the original formula available and I promptly opened up one of those cans and tried to transition my cats over a 7 day period to the "improved formula".