So just what is a healthy cat weight? How do you define it?

Follow these five easy tips and you'll help your cat stay healthy for years to come.
Your veterinarian can help determine if you cat is following a healthy diet, and also help formulate one tailored to your , lifestyle and current condition including prescribed feeding frequency and serving size. In general, we recommend high quality canned food as the primary source of nutrition. However, some kibble in the diet may be ok in small amounts. Most cats will overeat if allowed to free feed. Remember, your cat will not tell you if they are full, nor can they make positive nutritional changes themselves. Therefore, you must take control of their dietary program, in order to ensure their health and wellness throughout every stage of life.
Standing at rest, in profile, a healthy cat will look evenly balanced.
One trick that you might try is to serve a full meal of 100% chunks – when your cat is ~12 – 18 hours hungry in order to get him used to chewing on meat chunks. Hunger goes a long way when trying to get a cat to embrace any new food but, again, make sure that your cat has a healthy, non-painful mouth. Follow these five easy tips and you'll make your cat healthy for many years to come.Here are some things to look for when trying to assess a cat's health.For example, an active "tripod" cat may be much healthier than an  with all four legs.
We began Cat Faeries in 1993 to provide healthy things for cats. We are finicky about quality and the integrity of the maker of any product. Everything we offer here meets our very strict criteria. Cat grass is a very important part of a cat�s diet. It�s full of vitamins and minerals that they may not get from either homemade/raw food or commercial cat food. Ever wonder why your cat might like to chew on houseplants? They need the chlorophyll just like we do. And the greens help them pass fur balls. Houseplants are potentially dangerous. If your cat goes outside and nibbles on lawn, it is not safe as it could be full of pesticides or herbicides. Now with these seeds keeping a crop of very safe, healthful grass going for your cat year round is easy pie! We have selected an assortment of items to benefit aging cats, as well as young cats who we wish to see age gracefully and painlessly. Let's keep our feline friends happy and healthy! Inexchange for the incredible pleasure and companionship a healthy cat brings us,we have certain obligations and responsibilities. Taking care of our kitties is one of our greatest purposes in life! If you're a cat person, like me, and you share your home with a healthy cat or kitten, then you know the great laughter, companionship, and love your feline companion can bring to your life.
Ensuring that your cat has access to fresh water is just as important as increasing her food intake, especially if she is on a dry food diet. Drinking lots is essential for mum to stay hydrated and healthy.If your cat is on a special diet for health reasons, or has a sensitive stomach, speak to your vet before making any changes to her feeding routine.New kitty parents, and long-time parents with new challenges, can find the catcare information they need to keep their cats or kittens happy and healthy.