I LEARNED THAT THE CATS AND dogs can get along like humans

I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they get along perfectly. The dogs even lick the cats! :3
One reason for the fighting may have been misunderstood inter-species signals. Cats and dogs may not have been able to read each other’s body cues. For example, dogs typically growl when mad, while cats tend to lash their tails; a cat’s averted head probably signals aggression, while in a dog the same head position signals submission.
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Repeat this step for as many days as you need to, until both Kitty and Rover can be in the same room without tension, fear, aggression, vocalizing, or any other undesired behavior. This can be the first time, or it can take weeks, or months – and rarely, never. There are some high prey-drive dogs or territorial cats that that cannot live freely and safely together. If you’ve spent a week or more with trying at least 3 sessions a day, and they are still acting aggressively towards each other or tense staring with no improvement, please consult with a professional behaviorist/trainer. Staring is often a warning an animal is about to attack. Please be very careful if your dog or cat seems “calm” but is actually tense, stiff, and staring. I learned cats and dogs can be best buddys. I wonder why movies are made with put cats against dogThat ''can dogs and cats get along?'' video was.......Yes they can I know because I have two cats and two dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They get along.
The cat licks its paws. The cat licks its belly. The dog licks its paws. The dog licks its belly. The cat lies in the grass. The dog lies in the grass. The cat rolls onto its back. The dog rolls onto its back. The cat and dog do things together.Code of Ethics: As a professional dog groomer in the pet industry, I promise to accept my responsibility when caring for all pets. I shall enhance their beauty through proper grooming skills to help in the creation and style best suited for the individual pet and its owner, to continously educate myself and my patrons in the proper care and welfare of their pets. I will not discriminate against any person; to set an example of good integrity, and show affectionate understanding as well as gentleness to all, and always perform my duties in a humane manner. National Certification: There are four tests to become a Certified Groomer: Sporting Group, Non-Sporting Group, Terrier Group, and Master Final. Each group test requires a one hundred question written exam and a pratical in which the groomer must style a breed of that group to their breed standard.
The Master Final consists of a four hundred question exam covering the remaining four groups: Working, Toy, Herding, and Hounds, along with questions covering shampoo, cats, and the skeletal formation of the dog.
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