My HomeMade cat tree - turned out so beautiful, and Balte loves it :)

Cat tree by LinaV. This is so badass I cant even. I want one in every room of my home right now.
Hi guys!
so I am looking to build a new cat tree for my cat as she needs a new one every six months and I want something more durable then the 40$ ones i get her at walmart. the only thing is that I move alot so I need to be able to take it down as much as possible. the ones that I get for here have a headless lag bolt that screws into the top of each pole halfway then the perch boards go on then the bottome of the next pole screws into whats left of the lag bolt. I want to figure out how to do this with a 2×2 piece of wood shoved down the center of pvc pipes… do I do this?
any help would be greatly appriciated
cat furniture for large cats | Cats Love Cat Trees, But You Need to Choose Wisely
In the same sense that furniture designed for children should be held to a high standard, furniture for cats should emphasize safety and stability. Each feature -- shelves, steps, shelters, and so on -- should accommodate the needs of small kittens, adult cats, and multiple visitors. Bases should provide enough stability for any configuration of cats, and there should never be any sharp corners or exposed building materials. In this section of our ratings, we examine the features and design elements (ease of assembly, quality of materials, etc.) that make a quality cat tree. This has got to be the easiest cat tree with hammock DIY. Purrfect!DIY Cat Stuff... Custom Built Cat Tree6 Free DIY Cat Tree Plans | DIY Tag

The Catalpa Cat Tree from The Refined Feline redefines feline furniture. The Catalpa replaces the embarrassing carpeted cat tree with a stunning design to please you and your cat. Great for multi-cat homes, your favorite felines will love to climb up this nearly six foot tall tower onto each of its extra-long branches, perfect for a cat nap. The Catalpa’s solid construction and weighted base keeps the tree stable even for the most voracious of climbers.I just discovered your trees in a new pet store near me. They Are Awesome! Big and very sturdy. Since my cats have managed to destroy TWO trees in the past 3 months, three of your trees are on my wish list! Thanks for building a pet product with muscle!I ordered a cat tree last Christmas for my cat and she loves it. We put it in front of our sliding glass door and she loves to sit in the top balcony and watch the birds outside. I want to get one for my daughter’s cat this year. I looked all over and have never seen one as nice as this one.See how I made this DIY cat tree using real tree branches for only $75.12--modeled after an $800 tree! | make a homemade cat tree, make a cat tree with real branches, DIY cat treeOur beautiful wood designs come in stains to match any homes’ décor. Our cat litter box cabinets include storage drawers and pull out trays, features appreciated by cat owners. Recognizing that parts may wear on our cat towers and trees, we offer replaceable carpets, cushions, and sisal. Our products are meant to be used and built to last.The thick rope wrapped around the bases of the tree branches is great for more variety of scratching surfaces. Like the design of this tree. #cats #CatTreeYesterday I received a cat tree made by Molly and Friends. When I touched it for sturdiness I could not believe how well made it was. This cat tree will never wobble or loosen. Thank you Molly and Friends for making 6 cats very happy (and their mom). Buyers don’t even hesitate, it will be the best investment you’ve ever made.See how I made this DIY cat tree using real tree branches for only $75.12--modeled after an $800 tree! | make a homemade cat tree, make a cat tree with real branches, DIY cat tree