Cat Food Reviews: Top Healthiest Dry Cat Foods

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I have used Science Diet Original for over 15 years including when I ran a cat shelter. It was expensive yes but the health of the animals was worth it. It was the only thing I would buy my cats and it kept them healthy. I'm not sure what happened. You switched bags and decreased the amount in the bag and apparently changed the formula. I would have lived though unhappy with the new bag and decreased amount but the new formula is making my cats sick. My cats would only eat some when starving and throw up when they do. Their fur is rough and unhealthy. I have had to switch to another cat food for them to be okay. There is no point in spending the kind of money that your product costs anymore though I have done so in good faith for many years to the betterment of my pets. Why did you try to fix something that wasn't broken?
4.8 out of 5 stars. Read reviews. NF Kidney Function™ Cat Food. Restricted amount of high-quality protein. Low phosphorus to help support the kidneys.
The given chart provides a good place to start, but determining the correct amount of food for your pet depends upon your evaluation of your pet's overall performance on the amount of food consumed along with any treats given. Spayed or neutered cats may require up to 25% less food. Kittens weighting less than four pounds and/or younger than six weeks should be fed free choice. Two to four times more food may be required for kittens, gestating cats, and nursing cats. Top Five Cat Foods - Cats - LoveToKnowThere's little agreement about which brand of cat food is truly the best, and no single ..Cat Food Brands: Grain Free, Organic Cat & Kitten Food | PetSmart
We started by reviewing cat food evaluations conducted by pet nutritionists that focus on ingredients, dietary and nutritional values, and taste and texture of the cat foods. Then we compare those evaluations with the actual dining, digestion, and health responses of the cat who eat the foods - via the cat's parents, of course, who review the foods on Amazon and PetSmart. From these we chose the top 5 based on the the highest grade ingredients, the sources of the ingredients, proportions (e.g., proteins vs. carbs, added nutrients, etc.) and, of course, the cat (mom and dad) reviews.5-Star-rated Blue Buffalo has a great reputation for quality ingredients and real meat, fish, or fowl is always the first ingredient. Special recipes are made for kittens and mature cats in both canned and dry food varieties. Grain-free recipes are also available.received a 5-star rating from the Pet Products Review, and it's well-deserved, considering it is nourishing and 'biologically appropriate.' Orijen, which comes in dry formulas that can be served wet or dry, includes a variety of protein choices for cats kittens. It has a 75 percent protein content to a 25 percent fruit and vegetable content. In terms of high quality proteins, we are talking about things like real eggs, free range antibiotic free chicken and fresh wild caught fish. It is also grain free. Customers say that their pickiest of cats love this brand; the only negative comments are about the higher price of it as compared to some other cat foods. Clearly, the higher quality ingredients require the higher price tag. Orijen does not make a canned diet for cats. (See reviews and buy .)Overall, this Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Duck Recipe Dry Food receives a 4 out of 5 star rating. This recipe is incredibly rich in both protein and fat, most of which comes from quality sources. It is a little bit troubling to see pea protein included, but it is listed after numerous animal proteins so it may not be used in any significant volume. Though this recipe also includes numerous carbohydrates and sources of supplementary fiber, the overall fiber content is still below 5% which is good. This recipe could be improved by increasing the number of chelated minerals and reducing the number of plant-based ingredients. All in all, however, it seems to provide high-quality, balanced nutrition for adult cats.Another 5-star cat food that's quite popular is , with its high quality proteins and vegetable mix, grain-free, and primarily protein varieties in wet and dry food. No matter how fussy your cat is, you will find something in the Wellness line of cat foods that he really likes. Overall, this Blue Buffalo Basics Grain-Free Indoor Turkey & Potato Recipe receives a 4 out of 5 star rating. The fact that this recipe lists turkey as the first ingredient speaks to the high protein content of the recipe, though it wouldn’t hurt to include turkey meal as well, as a more concentrated source of protein. For gluten- and grain-free carbohydrate, this recipe relies on potatoes, carrots, and peas, all of which are considered fairly digestible for cats. It is also a good thing that this recipe includes fish oil as the primary source of fat with flaxseed and sunflower oil included to balance out the omega fatty acid content. The one problem with this recipe is that it includes carrageenan – this is a thickener frequently used in pet foods which has lately been the subject of controversy regarding questions about the ingredient’s long-term biological safety for cats. The total fiber content of this recipe is also a little high for cats. All in all, however, this is a high-quality canned food recipe.