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As I was reading all of the horrible reviews, Jake (Andy's brother - my other young cat) went into his litter box and was literally crying while doing his business. I thought back to when I switched brands and remembered that my third cat threw up for the first 4 days that I have her 9 Lives. I find it a very strange coincidence that I switch food brands to 9 Lives, every thing else in my cat's environment has been the exact same and all 3 of my cats seem LESS health than before. I sincerely hope that Andy does not pass away. As a consumer I want to buy food for my cats that does not put strain on my wallet (9Lives is costing me a fortune in vet bills), risks the health of my fur-babies, and devastates my children. I hope that the 9lives company reads these reviews and realized they are hurting their consumers in the worst way.
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The below NextGen Dog’s 4Health dog food review analyzes product’s ingredients and nutrition, sourcing and manufacturing, any certifications and marketing claims used. 4Health GMO Free Turkey & Giblets Dinner Cat Food Review4Health Turkey & Salmon Cat Food Review - CatFoodDB4Health Indoor Chicken Formula Cat Food Review - CatFoodDB
Hi Randall-I would suggest comparing it to the dog food review. Cats are obligate carnivores and need more meat than fillers. With that said, I have fed 4health to our strays and everyone is bright eyed, shiny and healthy.I feed her half 4Health dry and half Fancy Feast wet ONLY Fish and Shrimp feast (flaked). I won't touch any other Fancy Feast as they all, with the one exception of the one I feed, have as the second or third ingredient liver byproduct! The fish and shrimp feast is the only healthy Fancy Feast and I know everybody on my island must have read the same cat food reviews on line that I read because this one is constantly sold out of both Target and Wal-Mart but there will be tons of all other flavors from Fancy Feast on the shelves...only this one is sold out right after it comes in. Sometimes both stores cannot get it as the demand is greater than the supply and they were out for three months late last year and I had to pay more than double the price at grocery stores that still had some.The reviews also analyze the ingredients of the product, the certifications and the marketing that has been used in the production process. The dog food formula that was chosen to represent the line of the company for the dry dog food was 4health Chicken and Rice Adult food, based on the ingredients present in the package. The source of nutrients meets the requirements and values of the dogs.We have fed Wysong dog food (Puppy Maintenance) to our dogs for the past 11 years. Nearing the end of last October 2009 we started to notice a white dry substance on the dry Maintenance Wysong dog food. I am an RN of over 23 years and immediately became concerned that this was a cause for concern because the dog food had never had anything like this on it before. My dogs are two Boston terriers, one boxer (who was rescued and now at 70 lbs. and was previously kept on chain and no food and was 30 lbs. and had worn her front teeth down to nubbins trying to chew through metal chain at the time I rescued her 4 years ago; she is now happy healthy and well nourished spayed Boxer) and we also have my son's 2-year old German short hair while he is in college in AZ. She is a bundle of energy, spayed and an extremely well bred and well trained dog; the dogs would smell the food and walk away. Plus my nursing education told me that it looked like the white mold we are trained to look for in clinical settings.