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Fresh Step brand crystal cat litter is 100% silica gel .
best buy for silica gel is actually in the pet section of your big box stores (WalMart, Target, KMart, Pets Mart ect) ...... the crystal cat litter is 100% silica gel ..... 10 lbs at $13
Sure enough, crystal cat litter is pretty much 100% silica gel, the same stuff that is in those dessicant packets.
best buy for silica gel is actually in the pet section of your big box stores (WalMart, Target, KMart, Pets Mart ect) ...... the crystal cat litter is 100% silica gel ..... 10 lbs at $13It sure is. I never thought about actually using it for anything other than litter, though. -crystal version of the cat litter is 100% Silica,check out that 100% silica gel cat litterof cat litter made with 100% silica (the blue stuff that changes color)
I was stumbling through Meijer's the other day (Meijer is a Wal-Mart competitor in the mid-west) and I noticed this Meijer brand silica gel cat litter. Well, the cheap DIY bastage in me started to think..... silica gel is silica gel, right? So I bought a 4lb container of the unscented stuff. I popped it in the microwave when I got home to dry it out as you normally can with silica gel. 6 minutes later it had steamed off all the trapped vapor. I then put the silica in a used yogurt container and did the rubber band and panty hose thing (not THAT rubber band and panty hose thing ) to cover the top of the container. I then took a hygrometer and Tupperware container to test my hypothesis.... 1 hour later the humidity in the container had dropped from 65% to 30%. So for a whole crap load of dessicant that is reusable on the cheap ($6.99 for 4lbs versus $14 or $15 for special reusable dessicants from the hardware store or $5-8 for a dozen of the little crappy ones you get in suitcases.), check out that 100% silica gel cat litter. I am six weeks into this experiment and all is well according to the hygrometer. Beware as the "better" stuff has scent crystals and other junk in it that you don't want as I have no idea as to how reusable that stuff will be and you don't want your microwave smelling like cat litter perfume. The Meijer brand stuff listed ingredients as silica gel and water.Litter pearls and Exquisicat have no chemicals to remove odor. 100% silica gel. I was hesitant at first, but the guys on the cigar boards with more money than sense invest thousands of $ on their cigar collections and wouldn't jeopardize their smokes if they thought a scent was going to be imparted into their cigars. I can't think of anything else that would be more susceptible to picking up odors than good cigars.Silica gel is a granular, porous form of silica made synthetically from sodium silicate. Despite the name, . Amazing Cat Litter is 100% silica gel crystals. The superior adsorption properties of 100% silica gel crystals make it the best odor control cat litter.the crystal cat litter is also 100% silica gel .... same as your flower drying compond ..... only alot cheaper ..... crystal cat litter sells for around $13 for a 10 lb sack ....MOBILE PHONE RX: If your cell phone is ever exposed to excessive moisture (dropped in water for instance) then silica gel crystals could save your phone. Quickly dry phone as much as possible and remove the battery. Place the phone (or computer) inside panty hose, a sock, or a pillow case. Completely surround the phone and its fabric wrap in 5-10 lbs of silica gel crystals. Leave the phone inside the silica gel crystals for 24-48 hours. Remove phone and vacuum any small crystals from the phone’s surfaces. Reinstall battery. Not a 100% guarantee this will work, but there are kits on the internet for saving phones using silica gel crystals for 5X the cost of silica gel cat litter.Started with a brand of Lye from Menard's, claiming to be 100% sodium hydroxide, and a "MIMI Litter" brand of silica cat litter from Walmart. The litter does not claim to be 100% silica, and is Chinese supplied. It sure looks like silica beads, with the obligatory dark blue chips thrown in.